Condolences for Elda R Blalock

Sheila Powers posted on 12/30/12

Mom lived by one major motto: "Be happy!" A poem by Wilbur Nesbit says her motto so well: "Be happy!" sings the Bluebird. The world is full of smiles, The sunshine always gleams above the little cloudy whiles. The bluebird makes it's happiness-- its song is meant to be A cheery inspiration to such folk as you and me. I love you.


Robert and Babette Maisenbacher posted on 12/29/12

God Bless you Elda! And, your family and friends, which were plentiful. My wife and I were fortunate that you and my father became close for so long, you gave him a reason to live, we love you, you will be greatly missed by many but still watching over all of us. Elda treated everyone with respect but she could also read people because she connected with you. Don't disrespect her or anyone else, 'cause she'll let you know about it. Elda saw through the shenanigans my Dad's (Robert Maisenbacher) second set of children were up to and called one of them out! However, even Elda cannot be here physically with her family and friends any longer, but her spirit is flying high, soaring like an eagle (more like a dove.................:) God love you and your family Elda, even in these tough and sometimes sad times. We will all meet with you again, once we make it to your home, HEAVEN. We love you Elda, what a special lady...... God Bless.


Bill Runyon posted on 12/27/12

I am sure she is still caring and watching over everyone she loved. She made a big impact on my life and I will always be thankful to her. This world needs a few more like her.


Bill Runyon posted on 12/27/12

I worked for Elda for ten years and she treated me like a son. She was a wonderful lady and I am very sorry to read about her passing.


Norma (Burge) Houlette posted on 12/27/12

Elda, may you find some pinochle players and have a great time! I remember all the years we had our ladies pinochle club. We certainly shared a lot of laughs together. My sincere sympathy to the family.


Marsha Blackman posted on 12/27/12

Aunt Elda was a wonderful, caring, and beautiful woman. All of my memories of her have one thread running through them - FUN! She was always happy, always ready to do whatever we wanted, always ready for the next adventure. She loved her own family and was always ready to add to her extended family by befriending those who didn't always have people to be with in their lives. My life has been so enriched by her love and her family, and I will miss her dearly. I hope that she and my mother and father and brother and my Noni and Nono are having a wonderful reunion and (I'm sure) party. They all touched so many lives and made this world a far, far better place. Love you, Aunt Elda.


Louise Black posted on 12/27/12

what a beautiful lady. always enjoyed visiting with her when i went to purchase wallpaper, to the point that she is who picked the paper for my dining room and kitchen. all i had to do is walk in and say whats your favorite new stock. excited by the request she would go get what she liked and i would buy it. she would say, "i am just like it little kid in a toy store."