Condolences for Maxine E Eddington

Rhonda Eimers posted on 9/30/11

Lisa, Stacy, and Bette, I feel so forturnate that I was able to meet this wonderful woman in May of this year. I had heard so much about her. What a character she must have been. I know it's a hard time right now but one day you will remember the good, funny, and loving times that you all have shared with your Grandma/Mom and smile. I hold you in my thoughts during this time of grief. Love, Rhonda


Sally Lyons posted on 9/30/11

Lisa, Betty and Stacy, My heart goes out to you all and your family. Maxine, grandma, was such a good and beautiful person. She always had a smile on her face and enjoyed life as it came to her to the fullest! I see her now with that same big smile and big "bling" wings..... I am greatful to have known her! She sure knew how to live! I know that she brought joy to my Dads life those last few years he was around. He was greatfull of the friendship they had. And so was I. I will never forget you, Maxine. Rest in Pease, love. Enjoy those who have gone before you and know that we all will be looking forward to meeting you again. Love you all, Sally Lyons


Brian & Patti Flynn posted on 9/30/11

Aunt Bette, Stacy & Lisa, What fond memories we have of Maxine. We will always cherish the times we had with her as she was always great to both of us. May God help you through this difficult time. We Love You All. Patti & Brian