Condolences for Thomas M. Schnirring

Carole A. Aubrey posted on 2/7/12

Dear Mary and family - I extend my deepest sympathy for the passing of Tom. He will live in the many memories you made together. I remember the good times when Tom and Gene coached baseball. The boys playing ball and the little ones running around. Greg sends his condolences to you and yours. Sincerely, Carole S. Aubrey Greg AubreyWZV8m


Dale Burkett posted on 2/6/12

Summer nights playing hide and seek and ditch 'em while Tom, Spike, Ron, Don and others sat at the back yard picnic table drinking draft beer from a jug, smoking "ceegars," playing shuffle board, and generally having a great time...all of this with Tom's hearty laugh and booming voice filling the neighborhood with his vitality and zest for life. Tom Schnirring was a second dad to me and my brother Dave. He had a twinkle in his eye and a permanent playfulness about him, except when working on anything mechanical - at which time the odd hammer or wrench might fly across the garage or driveway followed by "hey Spike, can you fix this?" Tom's energy made days brighter and nights livelier. His friendly nature made him easy to talk to and just plain good to be around. They say that you can tell the size of a ship by the wake that it leaves - Tom's wake spreads far and wide and carries his memory far into the futures of so many of us who were privileged to know him.