Condolences for Judith Ann Randazzo

Anne Scrivner posted on 8/29/14

Judy played a big role in many of my favorite memories of the very early 70's when we were just leaving the nest and getting started in life. She, Fred, and some other nurses shared an old house for about 18 months, and formed a temporary family. But, even after we'd scattered, she remained a part of our Christmas for many years. She and Jasper were "foodies" before the word came into being and they visited my parents to share Lithuanian & Italian dishes even during years that I was away working. I wanted to share a photo from a very happy time Judy & I shared. We drove to Madison, IN for the Fourth of July boat races on the Ohio River. We felt so young and independent and had such a great time. BTW, Judy's hair wasn't that light - that's a frilly chiffon scarf - very stylish in 1970! RIP, my old pal.


Debbie Randazzo Cunningham posted on 8/29/14

My aunt Judy was a wonderful person and a awesome aunt. She loved all her nieces and nephews with her whole heart. When we would travel from Rockford Il. to Springfield to visit her the excitement was overwhelming for us always. We couldn't wait to be hugged by her ... her hugs were long lasting hugs that we will remember for eternity! Aunt Judy was so lonely after her husband died... my uncle Jasper , that she and I would talk on the phone for hours and hours consoling each other about the loss of her beloved husband and my wonderful uncle... Aunt Judy I hope you and uncle are together in heaven in each others arms resting now and forever xoxoxox My aunt Judy is also survived by her brother in law and sister in law parents from Rockford IL. DOMINIC AND NANCY RANDAZZO and many nieces and great nieces , nephews and great nephews who were not mentioned in the obituary.....R.I.P LOVE