Condolences for Barbara S. Verardi

thersa verardi posted on 8/5/11

i miss my best friend i have knowing barb for 40 plus years she will truly be missed i love you barb and one day we will soon meet in heaven you will be missed by everyone may god be with you and all of your family your truiest friend theresa verardi


Charlotte Brickler posted on 7/26/11

Debbie and family. I am deeply sorry you lost Barb so early. Seeing everyone tonight brought back so many memories, I wish we can turn the clock back just once. Barb was a big part of my childhood (since I was at your house every day of my life for years), I've got to laugh at some of the stuff we did that she put up with. Debbie, I'll keep Barb, you, and your family in my prayers.


Craig Thomas posted on 7/25/11

Wow to many memories to pick just one. I realy enjoyed sitting talking and working with Barb. She had alot of oldfashion ideas of how people should act and present themselves I pretty much agree with her. Although I slip up myself at times, but I real admire her strength and courage not just in her battle to live and out last doctors expectations. But also how she wasnt afraid of any body she sure would crap me up but also worry me how she would go after anyone she thought was in the wrong in her bar lol. I had alot of talks with her over the years and I dont know what she thought of me I sure enjoyed talking to her. To family I am truely sorry for your loss and pain you feel. I care and miss many of you. Your friend Craig