Condolences for Asia Jimenez

Bianca Pierrelouis posted on 9/2/13

You were the only link I had to getting in contact with my brother. You were nothing short of kind and loving. And I thank you so very much for doing everything you could to keep us in contact with each other. Words can't express how badly I feel for not being there in both of your lives more often. I hope that one day he and I will get back in contact with each other, if only for a second for him to know that no matter what, no matter where I am, I will always be his sister and I will always love him, even if I haven't been in his life as much as I should.


Stacey posted on 4/22/12

For as many different ways that people live their lives, there are at least as many ways for people to grieve the loss of a loved one. You're NOT by yourself Ebbi in missing her, mourning her or even in feeling guilt over what did or did not occur while she lived. Some people express it, others suppress it and still others are still so angry that they can't communicate at all. Her sudden death was like a gong - a discordant note that resonated and vibrated the spirits and hearts of many. Each of those people, although they may not still experience the jarring ear splitting teeth clenching clang of it, will ALWAYS hear the echo and feel her memory as a shudder. Do you remember when she would dance? She could put on the radio on a Friday night and then bounce and twirl and step and snap until the wee hours. She was always thankful to God for her blessings...