Condolences for James G. Moore

Melissa Pazen posted on 2/25/11

Almost three years after his death, on his first-born son's birthday, I find Jim's obituary. This is a man to be remembered as rock-solid -- as solid as the home he and his brothers built for his wife and family. Jim always did his work well; as a family man, he proved that a large Catholic family still is viable. As an electrician, he made sure the Springfield schools were up to code and safe for students. As a Dad, he made sure his children grew up with good morals and values and he made sure his kids knew he loved them. I remember seeing love in his eyes for Rose. And the smile that accompanies this listing is the impish one I remember when Jim would make a joke, or laugh at one of ours. Jim Moore was a great guy and I'm proud to have known him.