Preplanning a Funeral in Springfield, IL

When you preplan a funeral at Staab Funeral Homes, we’ll guarantee your end-of-life preferences are taken down in detail so that they’ll be carried out exactly as you envision. We’ll help you plan a memorable tribute that integrates unique aspects of your personality into the service, from your favorite dish being served at the reception to your favorite flowers being placed on your chosen casket. Preplanning with us gives you the option to pre-pay for your services. You’ll know ahead of time how much you owe so you won’t exceed your budget.

Our Funeral and Memorial Services

A funeral or a memorial service offer healing ways to honor a loved one’s life. You can choose to hold a formal or more casual ceremony at our funeral home or another meaningful location of your choosing. Our experienced staff members will help you put all the arrangements in order. We’ll help you select funeral merchandise, from caskets to vaults to monuments. Our number one priority at Staab Funeral Homes is helping you honor your loved one. We are committed to meeting the end-of-life needs of Springfield families.

Reasons to Preplan Your Funeral with Us

Preplanning a funeral has many benefits. It saves your family the stress of making difficult decisions and allows them to focus on their own grief and healing. They won’t emotionally overspend on your services because you’ve already put everything in order. Making prearrangements may also give you peace of mind about your end-of-life plans. Much like setting out a will, preplanning a funeral lets you put all your wishes down in writing.

Contact Us

If you live in Springfield or the surrounding area and wish to find out more about preplanning a funeral with us, contact us at 217.528.6461. Our experienced staff at Staab Funeral Homes will answer all your questions and get to know your budget and any special requests or needs your family may have. We are proud to serve families in our community with high-quality funeral and cremation services.