Preplanning a Funeral in Riverton, IL

We encourage all families in and around Riverton to plan their funeral with Staab Funeral Homes. When you make prearrangements with a funeral home like ours, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your end-of-life wishes will be kept in a secure location and made available at the time when they are needed. You may update these plans as many times as you wish. We are happy to advise you on every aspect of your loved one’s service, from the visitation to the graveside service to the reception.

Celebrating Life at Our Funeral Home

Everyone envisions their loved one’s funeral differently. At our funeral home, we encourage every family to customize their loved one’s funeral with special elements that celebrate their unique life story. Our personalization options vary from video tributes to web casting to one-of-a-kind transportation choices like a Harley-Davidson coach. Whatever your personalization preference, we’ll handle every detail so you can focus on your family and grieving your loved one.

Making Prearrangements with Us

We plan so many things in life: vacations, weddings, and meals. It only makes sense to plan a funeral ahead of time. When you preplan your service, your loved ones will know exactly the kind of funeral you envision. Our preplanning experts will take note of every detail and keep all your information in a secure place at our funeral home. Preplanning helps ease the stress of future decision-making on both you and your family.

Contact Us

If you live in Riverton or the surrounding area and would like to find out more about planning or preplanning a funeral with us, call us at 217-528-6461. An experienced staff member will answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. You can also decide to begin the planning process online from the comfort of your own home.