How to Stay Healthy as the Temperatures Drop


There’s a certain charm to Fall and Winter, isn’t there? But despite its allure, as swimsuits, sun block, and cookouts give way to sweaters, crackling fires, and cups of cocoa, you might find yourself more prone to getting sick.winterwellness

Why is this? We know the cold air itself doesn’t make us ill, even though that’s what Grandma might have told us. But research has provided evidence that germs thrive in the dry, centralized air we spend so much time in during the fall, and especially, winter months. We’re also familiar with the sniffling heard inside a building when people come in from the cold air. That increase in mucous from the chill could be to blame for more germs circulating indoors. Leaf burning, chimney smoke, and harsh cold air can also take its toll on those with asthma or other upper respiratory conditions.

So what are some ways you can enjoy these months without “catching your death” as they used to say?

  • Get plenty of rest: If you normally sleep seven hours a night during the summer, considering bumping that up to eight hours.
  • Drink water: The air outside might be dry, but keep your body hydrated. Doctors recommend at least 8 glasses a day.
  • Eat healthy: The winter chill makes hearty comfort food awfully tempting. Don’t forget to fill up on the fresh fruits and vegetables that were such a favorite during summer.
  • Consider getting a humidifier for your home or office: Germs don’t travel as well in moist air. It can also help make your nasal passages more comfortable and keep your skin from getting too dry.
  • Wash your hands often: Especially when in public places where germs tend to spread.
  • Soak up the sun: Get outside whenever it’s sunny to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • Don’t neglect your workouts: Be creative in how you exercise! Does your neighbor need their leaves raked? Would your grandchild like to go sledding? The possibilities are endless, even in Fall and Winter.

Stay healthy and have fun this season!