How to Make a Cremation Service Meaningful

Years ago, there was one factor that kept many Springfield and Sherman families from considering cremation when they were planning a funeral. People believed that if they chose cremation, they could not have a funeral service that was meaningful and told the story of their loved one’s life. Of course, this is not true.  Funeral traditions are constantly changing and evolving over time, and families are now discovering that cremation is a dignified form of commemoration, when you choose an experienced funeral home that cares about your family.

As traditions change, we are always developing new and meaningful ways to honor and memorialize the life that was lived. Attitudes, generally, toward what is “appropriate” during a funeral has broadened, and that means we can offer families new, personalized choices that create unique forms of tribute and remembrance. However, families who have lost a loved one sometimes find these choices overwhelming. We can help. The best place to start is by making a list of your loved one’s interests, hobbies, accomplishments, as well as faith and cultural traditions.

In the past, some people viewed cremation as only a way to save money on funeral costs. It’s true that direct cremation is available, with no memorial service and no tribute to the person who has died. But now, families who choose cremation are discovering that dignified and touching services are available to help them honor and celebrate their loved one, which many experts say is an important step in the grieving process. When you choose cremation, you may still have a visitation, memorial service, traditional funeral service, graveside observance, and many other comforting and healing rituals. You can also personalize cremation services with vaults, caskets, and urns that bear emblems and engravings denoting religious affiliation, hobbies, special interests, and/or military or civic service.

Many people have concerns about whether or not their loved one will be treated with dignity throughout the cremation process. Since families in the Springfield and Sherman area trust the Staab name, they can rest assured knowing we only provide exceptional service that meets the highest standards of ethics, performance, and professionalism.  Our personal involvement throughout the process ensures that you can rely on superior service every time with Staab.

When you choose cremation, ask these important questions: What kind of memorial services are available? What are the choices for personalization? Does the service tell the story of the life that has been lived?  And most importantly, what measures does the funeral home take to guard the dignity of the cremation process?  Another is our staff’s unwavering commitment to preserve the dignity of your loved one. And that’s the best assurance of all.